Temporary/Contract Employment

Temporary and contract work are perfect for someone with a flexible lifestyle and career goals. Ignore the stigma attached to such positions in the past, there are currently 2.9 million individuals in such positions today.

kingtemps3Contract, a.k.a. temporary, work enables you to choose where and when you want to work. These assignments vary from one day to as long as several years. With today’s competitive environment, employers are more often turning to contract staffing for all sorts of projects, workload fluctuations, and to alleviate staff shortages. Resultantly, contract placement is increasing in popularity for many professional positions.

Those who opt for this workstyle are frequently referred to as “free agent workers”. Research shows a full 44 percent of such workers in the U.S. classify themselves in this way. You may learn more about this workstyle and why it appeals here:  9 Reasons to Take a Temporary Job.

Furthermore, we offer assignments on a contract-for-hire basis. What this means is our customers can choose to hire you directly after the initially agreed upon trial period, and similarly, you may evaluate the job to see whether it works for you. This way, both parties can see if the job is the perfect fit.

Either option—contract to hire or merely contract —enables you to be choosy with regards to which work projects appeal to you, how quickly you wish to propel your career, and what work schedule you think will fit for you.

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