The Clumsy Disaster Dater

Practice Makes Perfect


Being nervous when dating often leads to bad relationships. A person that cannot overcome this condition will not be able to make a connection with a person that is worthy of them. While they may be intelligent, caring and competent, the other person must see it. When nervous, this person might constantly stumble over their own feet. They might be too nervous to follow a train of conversation and sound bored or incompetent. Worse than that, they may sound as if they don't care about having a good conversation.

When people are young, they are taught to practice many things. Playing a musical instrument requires daily practice to play well. When learning to dance, many young people are told to practice at home until they can do the moves perfectly. There are very few people that take the time to practice dating. Sadly, what happens on a date may affect them for the rest of their lives. Investing in a few practice sessions with an independent escort might make all the difference. Instead of seeming bored, uncoordinated or unintelligent, a few practice sessions might help them show their true personality.

An escort agency can provide a wide variety of escorts willing to help a person practice their dating techniques. They will be supportive and help ease the pressure that leads to awkwardness. The escort is not seeking a relationship and will be able to offer advice and assistance. Taking advantage of this type of support could be invaluable.

There are few people that are always graceful, witty and completely focused on their dates. Practicing with a person they don't want to date will help them get past their awkward phase. It is a way to ensure they have a good chance of showing who they are to the person that interests them.