The Clumsy Disaster Dater


Going on a Group Date

For those who are still attempting to get their dating feet dancing together, going on a group date could be the answer to their dreams. They might still feel the pressure of being with someone special, but being surrounded by friends and family can help ease the stress they feel. Their clumsiness will be masked by people willing to help them walk along the first steps on the path of a relationship, and it could give them the opportunity to become comfortable with someone new.

It might appear that friends and family are covering up for the clumsy person, but their function is to help them relax. They have probably seen this person go through the emotional turmoil of being turned down for many second dates, and their realization that being nervous is the cause will help them find solutions. Not all dates this person goes on need to be with the group, but it might be helpful if at least the first few work out that way.

Setting up a group date can be difficult, but planning it can also be a fun way to spend time with friends and family. They might decide the local zoo is a good place to go, and getting their transportation plans and times in order can help them all feel a good sense of anticipation. The clumsy dater needs only to ask the person they have selected to go with them, and the fix might just be there.

Walking through the exhibits could be a minefield for a person who is extremely nervous, but having loved ones nearby can help calm their anxieties. If their date understands the purpose of the group, they might be able to make things more relaxed. Even if they do not quite know why there are many friends and relatives along, a good first date might sway them in favor of a second one.