The Clumsy Disaster Dater

A Second Chance Date


There are few first dates that go smoothly, but some are a complete disaster. Few people are willing to give another person a second chance when they believe it was done on purpose. The ability to convince a person they should give a second chance speaks well of the disaster dater. They need to make sure the second date is much better than the first. It does not have to be perfect, but that would be a big help in getting a third date.

Many daters that have been given a second chance go over the top. This is a mistake because it means more things can go wrong. Rather than planning a complex date with many different activities, dialing it back is a much better path to success. A simple meeting at the local coffee house or a nice restaurant for dinner is the best second date. It takes off the pressure and allows both people a chance to really get to know each other.